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Embracing Barbiecore: Life in the Dreamhouse

Updated: Feb 19

If life is pretty in pink, then Barbiecore might be the hottest new design trend for you.

2023 is embracing the dream world of Barbie once more, and her iconic “pinkness” is hitting the fashion and design worlds full throttle. While many might buck at its seemingly frivolous and eccentric rowdiness, many others are loving the throwback to a childhood dearly missed.

Barbiecore kitchen design

So why should interior design enthusiasts give this Barbiecore movement a solid pink go?

1. It’s a dream come true!

Quite literally, the Barbiecore movement is a yearning to be a part of the Barbie Dream House. It’s the glitz and glamour we admired in childhood, before we knew what it really meant. Barbiecore is also the indulgence of the whimsical and offers the escape of normalcy we all crave somewhere deep down inside.

2. Pink is perfectly pacifying.

If you’re into color psychology, you’ll know that pink is believed to lessen aggression and promote femininity, nurturing, and compassion. Toying around with even subtle tones of pink can add a dreamy touch to any room. This makes Barbiecore a great design trend for 2023 if you're looking to add a softer touch to your living space.

3. It’s like taking a holiday.

Who doesn’t wonder what its like for Barbie in that Malibu mansion? The Barbiecore movement is about finding an escape from the ordinary, tailored neutrality of everyday life. Barbiecore sends you flying into your own fantasy world where there are no limits on color, style, or exaggeration. The past two years surviving the pandemic has pushed many of us into a bold new era of escapism never before seen.

4. It’s personal.

Many who are embracing the Barbiecore trend in home design see within its boldness the carefree visual explorations of youth. Barbie’s Dream Home was the idea of having it all, without the mundane details of adulthood getting in the way. By realigning ourselves with aspirations from the days of our childhood, we can seek to recapture some of those elements and rekindle an imagination that is often dampened by a world fixated on structure, schedule, and endless shades of beige.

5. It’s playful

Nobody could ever say that Barbie was boring. Not only has she tried every job in the world, but she also tries whatever style might happen to cross her mind that day.

This can be a good thing!

One of the greatest benefits of Barbiecore is the insistence that we jump outside of the box and find new ways to create something magical in our space. Its not simply about adding pink – its about adding life and in doing so, reviving a spirit of amusement lost to everyday troubles and heartbreaks.

How To Do Barbiecore Right

Before you spend your life savings on a pink lacquered bedroom set, there are some definite tricks to mastering the look of the dream house. Balance is key, and finding the right pieces to make it your own interpretation will help you achieve that comfort and nostalgia you’re probably after.

- Try mixing hues. If you remember Barbie’s house, the use of light and dark colors is always working in the background. Pair a hot pink blanket next to soft pink sheets, or a vibrant pop of pink, green or purple on a crisp white sofa.

- Think about plastic. Bringing in those clear plastic pieces adds depth, light, and a sweet retro feel. Lacquered furniture adds a genuine vibe to this style. If you see vintage pieces, use them!

- Think BIG. Incorporate bigger pieces into your Barbiecore design that will hold up for years to come. Chunky chairs, lamps and ottomans are perfect here, and give the immediate impression of a luxurious lifestyle.

- Fluff it up. Add textures to go wild for like feathers and fur. Patterns on the walls will also add some much-needed wow factor. Try checkered black and white, florals, waves and even zigzags.

- Keep it your own. Make sure you check in on yourself as you go, and that your newfound Barbiecore inspired space is feeling good along the way. If a colour it too bright, swap it out. Your home is your Dream House after all. Let it remind you of those times you played on the floor and jumped on bouncy furniture.

- Be cozy. For those final touches, add throw pillows, blankets, and colorful rugs for warmth and comfort.

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